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Let us help you on your journey of healing and personal
growth. Come find your centre.


Simple and effective holistic therapies that assess what is happening
with your body and help stimulate the body's innate abilities to
balance and heal itself on all levels.


The pure tones that the singing bowls produce positively affects all of
your energy centres (chakras), which naturally allows them to help
you heal, become balanced and enhances meditation.


Healing Stone Massage Therapy is very effective in creating harmony
and positive energy flow thus promoting a sense of balance, energy
and peace.

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Welcome to the Amaryllis Centre for Healing!

We strive to have a variety of practitioners that specialize in complimentary alternative therapies to help you improve your overall health and well being.

Come find your centre!

Yantara Jiro is Coming Back to Canada!

Yantara will be offering workshops and performing a couple of sound baths both in Cochrane and in Banff. He will also be offering personal treatments. Please visit the workshops page for more information.

Special Offer From Yantara…

Yantara has made a special offer to anyone who buys an alchemy crystal singing bowl at our Banff store on Sunday February 12th. He will be there from 10am-6pm and will inscribe your new bowl with light language that is unique to you and your bowl.

Light Language Inscription by Yantara Jiro

Each Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl is “alive” and has quantum consciousness. When a bowl is being inscribed with Light Language by Yantara Jiro, codes of light, sacred geometries and energy mandalas (but not limited to) are being gifted by Source; and depending on the element of each bowl and intention of person – Ascended Masters, Holy Saints and Star Nation Beings gather to bless, inscribe, empower and encode words of power onto the sacred bowl.

Sometimes divine messages, guidance are given verbally to the guardian (person) of the bowl, including the expanded functions and capability on what the alchemy crystal singing bowl when played can perform (do) from now.

The location on where to start drawing and which Light Language patterns to use are entirely guided by the intelligence of Source and is firstly received through Yantara Jiro before the actual inscription.

Yantara Jiro will speak the Light Language and transmit the intended frequencies while inscribing on the bowl.

The entire process is observed as sacred and upon completion, guardian of the bowl is to receive the upgraded empowered Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl with open heart and to see it as a sacred item.

With each Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl being inscribed, may it bring love, sound and light and all that is beautiful of this Universe and Beyond to whoever who sees it, hears it, touches it and feels it.

On Sunday February 12th, there will be a special Sound Bath at the Amaryllis Crystal Garden at 7:30pm.  Join Martha and Yantara Jiro for a special evening of meditation and sound.


We would like to welcome Usui Reiki Master, Certified Angel Card Reader Vanessa Kary to our Centre!

Vanessa is a Usui Reiki Master and provides a variety of healing services for both humans and animals. She received her training from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta and just recently relocated to Cochrane. She hopes to empower others by helping them understand that emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances will eventually manifest into physical symptoms which are directly correlated to the energy centers (or chakras) of the body.

Vanessa is also a Certified Angel Card Reader and uses Tarot, Oracle, and Lenormand cards to provide a variety of readings. With a Tarot Reading, you’ll gain insight, clarity, and guidance into your specific situation. This allows you to achieve greater control over issues involving relationships, opportunities, and life changes. By objectively understanding your situation and learning the best way to move forward, you’re able to create your absolute best future. It’s a wonderful tool for personal development and spiritual growth.

Learn more about Vanessa on our Practitioners page.

Book in with Vanessa for a session now by either calling the Centre at 403-851-0333.


Treatment Rooms For Rent:

Room 1:

Full Time Use –  $800/month + GST

1 day a week for four weeks –  $150/month + GST

3 days a week for four weeks –  $400/month + GST

Room 2:

Full Time Use –  $700/month + GST

1 day a week for four weeks –  $125/month + GST

3 days a week for four weeks –  $300/month + GST

Room 3:

1 day a week for four weeks –  $85/month + GST

3 days a week for four weeks –  $225/month + GST

Wish You Could Enjoy a Sound Bath Any Time? – A Sound Bath with Martha CD is Your Answer!

Wish you could have more sound baths with Martha? Now you can purchase her new CD and have a sound bath whenever you want! The CD starts with a 30 minute meditation set to nature sounds and the alchemy singing bowls. This is followed by 16 minutes of just the alchemy singing bowls for you to enjoy.

Come by the Centre and get your Sound Bath CD for $25.00 + GST each.



Amaryllis Crystal Garden: Our store in Banff!

IMAGINE a Sacred space that is home to over 200 Alchemy Crystal Bowls and so much more. Banff, Alberta with all of its high energy vortexes is the place that has been chosen to house such a space.


jiro2Workshops by YANTARA JIRO

Yantara’s seminars and workshops are taught in over 8 countries around the world. Yantara teaches by sharing through his journey of spiritual awakening. He is dedicated to invoke the inner potentials into our personal alignment with our wholeness so as to co-create with the consciousness waves of global awakening.

Learn more >

For the Love of Yoga

The Amaryllis Yoga Studio is now the  Alchemy Yoga Studio! Located in the heart of Cochrane, Alberta, the studio brings you a wide variety of yoga styles, including yoga classes for all ages and levels, meditation and specialized workshops and exotic yoga retreats. We are passionate about Yoga, individually as instructors and collectively as part of the local Cochrane and NW Calgary community.

Learn more >

Amaryllis Centre for Healing – Cochrane
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