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Hot Stone Massage

What is a Healing Stone Massage?

The use of warm stones with massage is one of the fastest growing massage techniques in today’s spas and clinics throughout the world. This form of massage involves the use of heated stones applied to the body in various ways to bring about relief to stiff and sore muscles, resulting in an alleviation of chronic and acute problems that many of us deal with on a daily basis. Many massage therapists and recipients that have experienced stone massage describe this healing modality to be five times more relaxing than an ordinary massage.

Gorgeous woman at a spa having a hot stones massage


The specific technique of the Healing Stone Massage was created by American massage therapist Carollanne Crichton of Stone Temple Body Therapy Institute in Essex, Connecticut. With Healing Stone Massage Therapy, not only do you receive the benefits of being massaged by heated stones, but you also get energy work done alongside massage therapy. The stones help open up your chakras and meridians throughout the body during the massage. A regular Healing Stone Massage works on the entire body and takes 90 minutes.

The stones used in the Healing Stone Massage are basalt stones. These are a form of igneous rock that is formed by volcanic and sedimentary action. The specific basalt stones used have been naturally eroded by stream or water activity such as those found in a river bottom, and give the stones their smooth potato-like shape and size. The stones are chosen for their specific sculptural shapes in order to properly fit different areas of the body.

Client safety, sanitation, hygiene and equipment understanding of stone temperatures are deeply integrated. This provides a healing stone massage with the best and highest well-being for the client.

When an individual is under stressful conditions, many chemicals and hormones are released. The direct application of heated stones in combination with skilled massage therapy techniques can have a beneficial effect on the detoxification systems, lymphatic circulation, peripheral circulation muscular system and the nervous system.

Black polished hot massage stone cairn on a white towel in a spa


Healing Stone Massage Therapy is very effective in creating harmony and positive energy flow thus promoting a sense of balance, energy and peace. It is also extremely beneficial for those experiencing fertility issues.