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Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture have been used for thousands of years and have thousands of years of empirical based evidence showing their effectiveness in treating many imbalances safely, effectively, naturally and with no side effects.

Acupuncture comes from a whole system of medicine called Traditional Chinese Medicine. This medical system is the oldest medicine on the planet and treats everything and anything one can possibly think of.

Acupuncture evolved from principles and philosophies unique to Eastern Medicine culture and thinking, specifically that all living beings have a Vital Energy that circulates throughout the body on pathways called meridians. An imbalance in the flow of this Vital Energy, called Qi or Chi, can manifest as different health issues. The key objective in acupuncture is to restore the balance and flow of Vital Energy to the body within those pathways called meridians.

Acupuncture works by regulating your body’s homeostatic system. This means every system of your body including endocrine, muscular, vascular, nervous, immune etc. is effected and balanced to meet your needs.

Acupuncture helps your body heal itself!
Acupuncture Treats:

~ Chronic and Acute Pain
~ Healing From Injury & Trauma
~ Mental & Emotional Well Being
~ Managing Stress Levels
~ Migraines & Headaches
~ Cancer Care – reduces the side effects of chemotherapy
~ Frozen Shoulder
~ Low/Middle/Upper Back Pain
~ Sciatica
~ Digestion Issues
~ Complex Autoimmune Disease
~ Fertility; Female, Male & Assisted routes
~ Repeat Miscarriage
~ Healthy Pregnancy & Delivery
~ Labour Encouragement
~ Prenatal & Postnatal support
~ Menopause
Acupuncture can help you!