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Workshops – Yantara Jiro

Yantara Jiro’s February 2017 Tour of Cochrane & Banff

Yantara is back offering workshops and private sessions from February 13th to the 19th, 2017. To reserve a place in any of the workshops, the sound bath or for a private session, please call the Amaryllis Centre for Healing: 403-851-0333

2017 Workshops

Sound, Consciousness & the  Stars
(February 2017)

with Yantara Jiro and Martha Birkett

An evening of pure joy, love, star-beings and sound activations.

Monday, February 13th, 2017 (2 hrs) at 7pm, $20.00 per person

Location: TBA

“I have been guided to share with you this evening my journey with Sound and Consciousness. How meditation, consciousness, intention and power of sound helped me realize that everything is connected to everything. And discover our DNA, our energetic blueprint is a flexible, malleable fabric of possibilities connected to the entire Universe.”


This very colourful evening where stories, meditations, energy activations, singing and alchemy crystal singing bowls will be experienced. Yantara will share with us his personal close encounters with star beings, quantum healing and sound activations, his sacred tours and why we are living at such a powerful time on Earth.


Yantara believes that the cause of change in reality occurs firstly in our perception of life; our ability to feel and think differently thereafter manifesting a desired outcome and experience.

“If you are able to think and feel differently, to response, to your reality in a way that is uplifting and inspiring to self and to others; you will become a conscious co-creator of your life.” – Yantara Jiro

Re-Wire Your Reality – DNA Activations 3 Hour Workshop 
(February 2017)

with Yantara Jiro and Martha Birkett

February 15th, 2017, 7-10pm

Location: TBA

Price: $330.00

Repeat Students: $220.00


A New Experience Every Time!

The Experience:

Amazing opportunity to experience the Light Language of Yantara Jiro; high vibration sounds & tones that will stimulate and switch on your DNA’s potentionals. Learn an easy 7-step program to activate your DNA that will continue to accelerate your personal & spiritual development. Experience and depth of love and expansion that is profound – ignite your living heart co-creation.

A meditative journey into your physical body, chakras and lightbodies; re-write your genetic information by creating new sequencing desires for your new reality.

This workshop teaches you SEVEN SIMPLE STEPS to activate your DNA effectively with the Arcturians (Energy Healing Team). Learn how to arrange a private appointment with your Activation Team and experience magnificent energy work from the Stars.

This is a workshop for anyone who seeks to connect deeper with their body for healing and transformation, whether for self or for others.

Workshop Highlights:

  • What are DNA activations?
  • How you can effectively affect your DNA to function positively.
  • Connecting with your personal Energy Healing Team (Arcturians).
  • Energy bodies re-calibration for higher resonance of better life.
  • 7 steps DNA activation program (take home self-initiate daily program).
  • Igniting potentials and opening doors to greater possibilities.
  • Heart expansion of love to better improve relationship with self and others.
  • Energy stimulation on brain centers for accelerated learning.
  • Conscious reprogramming to well-being.

Please bring water with you if possible as the body must be hydrated throughout the activations.

We highly recommend you to either use your phone to digitally record the whole session, or bring a digital recorder for your own reference.

Sound Journey – Transformative Activation Concert
(February 2017)

with Yantara Jiro and Martha Birkett

Thursday February 16th, 2017 at 7pm, $50.00 per person

Location: Cochrane RancheHouse Ampitheatre

Experience a powerful-transformative day with Yantara Jiro and Martha Birkett. Journey deep with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and receive sonic activations of high frequencies from the precious minerals, gemstones, crystal kingdoms and light language energy activations.

Photo Credit: Sound Universe Tokyo

Immerse in a kaleidoscope of colours and sounds as you meditate and relax into the space of allowing where your well-being strives. Tap into the sonic fabric of pure frequencies with your intention to weave in transformation and expansion. Besides listening and receiving, we will be toning and singing to ride on the acoustic waves, opening energy gateways within ourselves for centering, alignment and healing.

A transformative activation concert where you and you come together.

yantara-4 yantara-5

Arcturus Uplift Program – Quantum Healing 2 Day Workshop
(February 2017)

with Yantara Jiro and Martha Birkett

February 18th & 19th 2017, 10am-7pm

Early Bird Price: $800.00 until February 7th, 2017

Price after February 7th, 2017, 2018: $980.00

For repeat students who attended Arcturus Uplift Program Workshop: $400.00

Location: TBAArcturus New Program

Ready to kick start 2017 with a Quantum Leap?!

AUP01 is a two-day workshop to connect with your quantum healing team, an approach that connects with Universal Collective Consciousness of the Stars for the purpose of well-being on all levels. Participants get to experience working with their energy healing team and a plethora of quantum tools to bring home for personal transformation and for your spiritual work.

Light Language activations will be used to support your energy bodies upgrades, downloading of light information for your cells and vital blue-print and a special Soul Travel Meditation to Star Arcturus visiting the Light City to receive messages, reconnection with star family.

This is a Certification Program and is a fundamental level required for next quantum healing program.

As the world is transiting rapidly into higher octaves of frequencies, dimensions are also merging into the Existence of Oneness through Global Awakening of Consciousness. These frequencies can cause deep physical clearances within our cellular and interstellar level of consciousness. As such, tangible clearing and emotional stress are often experienced through our bodies.

The training workshop will include extensive practical exercises and interactions. Notes will also be provided. This is a workshop for anyone who seeks to connect deeper with their body for healing and transformation, whether for self or for others.

This training workshop is suitable for beginners or advanced. An empowerment for participants who have previously had connections with Arcturians Healing Team.

The Galactic World is far and wide; One would take uncountable years to explore and learn the mysteries of it but yet One can be presented with opportunities to tap into the energies of the Cosmos – launching and igniting the human potentials and possibilities developing a new and upgraded body of existence.

Participants will now have ample time to learn about providing a healing sessions for self or others more in-depth than before.


  • Understanding Energy Healing & Introduction of Arcturians
    Opening & Upgrading your Heart Matrix
  • Establishing contact with your personal Arcturians Energy Healing Team
  • Raising Light Quotient & Building Light Quotient
  • Releasing Blockages & Deep Cellular Cleansing
  • Arcturus Energy Detox Program
  • Attunement of the Arcturus Heart Mandala Energy Symbol
  • Detailed coaching step-by-step hands-on healing technique with the Arcturians
  • Program Crystals for expanded communication into higher dimensions
  • (Bring ONE or TWO Clear Quartz Crystal)
  • ACTIVATION LIST of Arcturians Technologies to support your transformation
  • Learn about the Power of Allowing


1) Bring one or two CLEAR Quartz Crystals, no Spheres, only terminators or clusters. Size: a regular of 5cm and above in length.

* “Certification of Completion” will be given to those who pass a Exam Course with minimum 80% and above. (Multiple-Choice Questions)* For Advancing to Next Level.

Quantum Leap with Yantara Jiro – Personal, Transformational Sessions (60 minutes)(February 2017)

with Yantara Jiro and Martha Birkett

Location: Amaryllis Centre for Healing

Price: $520.00

Your session with Yantara Jiro in person is designed to invite you on a quantum leap for inner change and vibrational transformation. Yantara has transformed 4000 people in sessions. It is best to sign-up with conscious intentions for the purpose of accelerated change and readiness to enter their personal level of higher potentials. All sessions are acoustically digitally recorded.

Your session may include light language energy alignments, brain centers activations and channeled messages. This work is designed especially to support individuals who are seeking a breakthrough and growth on a personal alignment with their Source. The sounds transmitted will be recorded and is recommended to listen as a form of “Sonic Prescription” to perpetuate the momentum and integration of work.

Light Language is a language of energy information. It is not processed by the logical brain but rather utilizes the intelligence of quantum source to pick out information that resonates with the recipient current most matching potentials and possibilities. This is verbally transmitted as sounds using the voice directly onto the various levels of the body.




Yantara is a visionary, inspirational leader, singer and explorer of Sound and Consciousness. Yantara inspires to spread the message of love and harmony through music and the power of sound; creating platforms for people to step into their powers by expressing their inner voice. He organizes international sacred tours to vortexes such as Japan, Mt. Shasta, Egypt, U.K and many more.


He travels to facilitate his seminars and workshops in over 8 countries around the world. Yantara teaches through his journey of spiritual awakening and inspires to invoke the inner power within us into our personal alignment with Source so as to co-create with the waves of global awakening.

In 2010, Yantara founded “Sound Universe – Symphonic Expansion’ group for the purpose of providing a platform for people to explore the benefits of sound healing, and is now co-owned with his business partners. The group has grown over the years and now runs two Sound Universe Offices – Singapore and Taiwan along with our co-partners in Banff Canada, Martha Birkett Amaryllis Crystal Garden. In 2015 Sound Universe is now expanding in Japan and China. Sound Universe offers training and services in Sound Bath Sessions, Sound Healing & Crystal Bowls Workshops, Retail of Sound Healing Instruments and more.

In 2012, 2013 and 2016, in Bosnia, the world largest Pyramid discovered, he co-hosted the Summer Solstice with Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich, leading hundreds of people at the apex of the Sun Pyramid celebrating the alignment of the Sun and Moon with the Stars.


Yantara Jiro has been interviewed on several radio broadcast such as New Realities New York, CBC Calgary 2011 and Taiwan Broadcast Stations. He is also a frequent feature and contributor for the largest spiritual magazine, “Anemone” in Japan.

As a writer, Yantara has published a book titled, “Raising Your Spiritual Antenna ~ Download Your Magnificent Self!” in Chinese. As a musician, he has produced 3 albums, “Star Journey” Double CD Album in 2012, and 2014 “Crystal Rainbows” on Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Strings Instrumental along with “Gifts of Blessings” guided meditation CD.

Major Performances & Tours:

2016 Japan – Yakushima Island Light City Sacred Tour
2016 Bosnia – Sun Pyramid Summer Solstice Sacred Tour
2016 Japan – Wesak Buddha’s Ceremony at Shimokitazawa
2015 Japan – Wesak Buddha’s Ceremony at Jo-En Temple
2015 Japan – Yakushima Island Unesco World Heritage Sacred Tour
2014 Egypt – Stargates of Galaxies Sacred Tour
2014 Beijing – Forbidden City Flower of Life Summer Solstice Show
2014 Japan – Wesak Buddha’s Ceremony at Jo-En Temple
2014 World – Released “Crystal Rainbows” and “Gifts of Blessings” CD
2013 Bosnia – Pyramids Summer Solstice Sacred Tour
2013 Japan – Yakushima Island Unesco World Heritage Sacred Tour
2012 Mexico – Speaker at Maya Conference “Transform at Source”
2012 Taipei – Star Journey Album Debut Concert
2012 U.S. Mt. Shasta – Living Light Sacred Tour
2012 Bosnia – A New Earth Sacred Tour
2012 U.K. Glastonbury – Sacred Heart Tour
2012 Japan – Songs of Awakened Lands Sacred Tour
2011 Egypt – 11:11:11 Great Pyramid Awakening Sacred Tour
2011 Japan – Oneness Earth Sound Concert
2010 U.K. – The Earth Song Sacred Tour
2009 Japan – Journey of the Diamond Light Body Sacred Tour
2008 Egypt – The Great Central Sun Sacred Tour