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Osteopathic Manual Therapy and Athletic Therapy

What Is Osteopathy?

Osteopathic Manual Therapy addresses the body and all of the systems as a whole, by looking at the interrelationship between the structures, allowing the root cause of injury or illness to be identified and treated. Osteopathy is a hands-on, holistic practice designed to remove the strains in the tissues, giving way for the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. Osteopathic Manual Therapy focuses on treating the structure (musculoskeletal system), the organs of the body, the nervous system and circulatory system (fluids of the body), for optimal health and healing, using a variety of techniques to promote balance within the body.

What is Athletic Therapy?

An Athletic Therapist can be found in multiple settings within the health field. The scope of an Athletic Therapist is a broad one, involving on-field emergency care, sideline injury assessment, concussion assessment and management, and working with physicians to establish safe return to play guidelines after an injury. Clinically, Athletic Therapists follow the Sports Medicine model of orthopedic injury assessment, active rehabilitation, modalities and manual therapy, helping patients get back to their active lifestyles, whether recreational or competitive.

What to expect in a session?

One-on-One appointments are an hour long. Your first visit will include an in-depth history of your current complaints as well as previous injury and illnesses. The body compensates to past injury, illnesses or emotional trauma by adapting the tissues to meet the body’s needs. This, in turn, affects the body’s ability to compensate further when new injuries or illnesses arise. The result is longer recovery times, chronic pain or illness.

The orthopedic and osteopathic assessment is combined to provide a thorough examination of the entire body and all of the systems to confirm or rule out structural dysfunction, or any conditions that require further assessment by a physician. A treatment plan is determined based on the findings of the assessment. As osteopathic manual therapy techniques fall into the scope of practice of an Athletic Therapist, Jackie is able to incorporate the past five years of her education into her practice, allowing for a more global approach to health! Techniques used in a session may include cranio-sacral therapy, visceral manipulation, soft tissue, spine and joint mobilization, and muscle energy techniques. Treatment is very gentle and usually leaves the patient feeling very relaxed!

When appropriate, treatment will also include a review of stretches and strengthening exercises specific to the patient’s needs.

If  you are booking in with Jackie Caione, please feel free to print off the following two forms to fill out and bring with you: Jackie Caione – Consent form and Jackie Caione Intake form