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Sound/Vibrational Therapy with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks

Through our sister store the Amaryllis Crystal Garden in Banff, we are pleased to be the largest Canadian distributer for Crystal Tones, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. These unique bowls are made with 99.992% high quality, pure quartz crystal which makes their sound incredibly resonant. Not only can you hear the pure tones they produce, but you can also feel them within your body. This positively affects all of your energy centres (chakras), which naturally allows them to help you heal, become balanced and enhances meditation.3singing bowls

Each bowl is a unique, one of a kind production. The pure quartz crystal is blended with only the finest in gemstones and precious metals, resulting in works of art. By adding these elements to the quartz crystal, you are getting the added benefits of these gemstones and precious metals. The pure tones of the bowls resonate not only with the cells of your body, but are also specific to each chakra.

For a truly amazing meditative and healing experience, try a sound bath – multiple bowls are selected specifically for you and when played, surround you with their powerful healing tones. Regular sound baths are held at the Amaryllis Crystal Garden in Banff, but we also provide sound baths here in Cochrane. Call to book a sound bath today and have a truly unique healing experience.

Our practitioner  Martha Birkett  incorporate both the singing bowls and tuning forks into their treatments. Book in with either one of them to experience sound/vibration therapy!

3 bowls 6 Testimonials:

“Dear Martha, I would like to you thank you for the Crystal Bowl Sound Bath that I experienced for the Spring Equinox.. I had a really good night afterwards. I drove the whole ride home with no music, just being an observer to my thoughts. I slept really good. I now feel like I am more myself than I have ever been in my entire adult life. I am learning how important it is to have self love. The bowls and the meditation really helped to ground me into that even more. I know that I have so much growing to do and it’s exciting to be on such an awakening journey. It’s not an easy one but definitely one that will free me from so much pain. Thank you for playing the bowls and guiding me through the meditation that has helped me so much.”