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Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl and Sound Healing Testimonials

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Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls
Sound Bath/Sound Healing

“Dear Martha, I would like to you thank you for the Crystal Bowl Sound Bath that I experienced for the Spring Equinox.. I had a really good night afterwards. I drove the whole ride home with no music, just being an observer to my thoughts. I slept really good. I now feel like I am more myself than I have ever been in my entire adult life. I am learning how important it is to have self love. The bowls and the meditation really helped to ground me into that even more. I know that I have so much growing to do and it’s exciting to be on such an awakening journey. It’s not an easy one but definitely one that will free me from so much pain. Thank you for playing the bowls and guiding me through the meditation that has helped me so much.” – Anon


“Thank you to Martha Birkett for opening this world of vibration and sound therapy to all of us!  I truly feel an awakening happens when you receive the healing vibration of Crystal bowls.  It is a kismet experience that stirs deeply in your soul, you are forever changed.  I am both humbled and in awe of the powerful healing and beauty that the Crystal bowls bring into our lives.”

Forever grateful,
Nicole Nicholson


“For Shannon and Martha playing the singing bowls, especially the G note:

I went to see Shannon who recommended to have a healing bowl session with Martha because Shannon sensed that I have a lot of tension and emotions tight up in my throat. So, I went to see Martha for the first time.

I had no idea about singing bowls. While Martha was playing the bowls I felt very tight in my throat. It was an uncomfortable pressure which I never had before. I also felt certain body parts e.g. my arm and leg which I had pain. But my throat felt very compressed, almost like someone would have choked me. Martha said that she felt that someone in the room needed the G note, she didn’t know about my throat, so she played it and even sang. When she stopped playing them my throat still hurt, so she played it again pointing the G bowl right towards my throat. After some time it felt better, lighter and it felt that my throat was starting to widen.

I purchased one of her CD’s and when I played the CD at home for the next two days I felt that compression in my throat. When I layed at night in bed I could still feel every single cell vibrating for about three days after the session. Martha said that the vibration stays in your cells for three days. It was amazing. And that night I slept very good.  My throat feels much better but I am going to see her again because this way I can get rid of a lot of negative emotions that are tight up in my throat. This was an amazing session. The pain in my leg is gone now, after only one session!  Thank you very much. My son loves your singing bowls, so we listen to your CD almost every day. I am so thankful to you Martha and Shannon.

With light and love, 


“I first heard of Martha and the crystal sound bath from Lois Unger in Bergen. It was December 2016 and I was depressed and looking for alternative therapies. A friend recommend Lois to me and through her I learned about the sound bath. The day of the bath all those I invited to come with me cancelled, the weather was cold and snowy and I almost cancelled but something drew me to make the drive from Calgary. The space I found there was so peaceful and serene. Martha is soft spoken and direct, she explained everything that was about to happen and I felt very comfortable. Through the bowl playing and the guided meditation I was able to face a part of my past that I had been unable to before…I didn’t even know that it had needed facing. But the sense of calm I experienced afterwards was incredible. This was one of those times where you don’t know how much pain something is causing until that something is gone. I spoke to Martha afterwards briefly and she was very caring and knowledgeable about her practice. I believe that this experience was a very important step in my healing journey and I would recommend a sound bath to anyone looking to expand themselves. I have since participated in another sound bath with yoga, and bought her CD, which I played for a group of friends and had an amazing bonding experience listening to the vibrations of the bowls. I’m so happy I made the journey to my first sound bath – there will be many more to come! Thank you Martha and your beautiful team!” – B.M.


“I had been struggling with a client representative on one of my projects. She had a very difficult time accepting anything we presented to her. We had spent months trying to get closure at one stage of the project without success. A similar project was able to move forward within weeks. I mentioned the challenges to Jessica at the Amaryllis Centre for Healing, and she offered to play the bowls for half an hour during the beginning of the next meeting. Jessica was back at the Amaryllis Centre with the bowls, and I was the only one at the meeting who knew what was going on. I was absolutely astounded at the difference in the tone at the meeting. Not only did we get full approval to proceed, but the atmosphere was like we were at a party – everyone was so happy and friendly. I thought we had turned a corner in our relationship, but at a presentation the following week, the bowls were not played, and the negativity was back. Fortunately we had been given approval at the previous meeting so we were able to keep moving forward. Thank you Jessica, Martha and the Crystal Bowls at the Amaryllis Centre for Healing!”
~ Joanne W.