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Amaryllis Centre for Healing Testimonials

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Martha Birkett

We have been seeing Martha since my youngest was born, so 3 1/2 years. I first sought her out because my son had some digestive distress, which with body talk (and tuning forks) we watched him improve, almost magically. He also had an attachment to me that was lovely to have, but it was keeping him from moving forward and having relationships with others (including his own father). One of the interesting habits him and I had was calling each other “best friends” for well over half a year, on a daily basis (sometimes many times per day). He would even tell people they were just his ‘friend’ because mom was his ‘best’ friend (and I soaked it up!). Well Martha’s most recent session with him discovered that it was holding him back and helped create a more healthy relationship connection with Body Talk, and hours after it was done I overheard him telling another child “guess what. We can be best friends. It’s okay now”. and since then he has been much more open and friendly with everybody we come across and interact with!

My other sons have seen Martha as well. My two oldest are ADHD diagnosed, and I have watched miracles happen with them. My middle son, with Martha’s intuition and BT, she suggested we allow him to be more “one with nature” and go shoe-less as he desires, and quite literally touch the ground, trees, and all other things we could get our hands on. Some of the changes we have witnessed is his improved focus, self regulation, and even educationally he has gone from being unable to read, to reading with much more ease! Then there’s my oldest: He has sensory processing disorder and alot of irrational fears. What Martha has done for him is also nothing short of a miracle. By her Body Talk and intuition we watched our son not be able to wear a helmet or put anything around his neck for he felt he would surely choke to death, to being an excellent BMX rider. She has also helped him with other irrational fears that he has. 

Then myself. I can’t begin to tell you the things she has done for me personally! She’s almost like my therapist haha. The most recent experience is that she has done something to me that I still haven’t been able to explain. All of my life I have been a food addict (particularly a volume problem, in and out of 12 step programs, constantly going up and down with weight, etc) and have always had a poor relationship with food since birth (earliest memory age 6). After our last session, to this day I still can’t explain it. I have possibly for the first time in my life felt -full- after eating. I have been able to pick up food and put it down because I don’t really need it or want it. It was a day and night change. I went in to see her because I was feeling ravenous. I came out a completely different person. 

I can’t express enough gratitude for Martha’s hand in our lives! My husband saw her as well, and can absolutely attest to the miracles and changes that we have experienced in our family. Body talk and Martha are truly amazing! – Kyla


“Martha – Thank you so much for seeing me. You have helped me tremendously. I have noticed a difference in my body and soul; even though it is a short time. It feels like you came into my life at a critical time and I am so grateful for this chance.” – Lisa


“Martha did a BodyTalk session on me that completely shifted my life. She did a huge family matrix session on me and it continues to have amazing rippling effects through my whole being. It has brought to the surface so many things that I have been wanting to heal for so many years. The blocks that Martha removed and dissolved have made it possible for so many other shifts in my life that I have been waiting for. It opened the flood gates. I have so much love and gratitude for Martha. She is an amazing BodyTalk practitioner.” – Valerie Ashmore, Whitecourt, AB


“I have known Martha to be kind, gentle, and skillful; working on the aspect that is necessary, helping me in my healing journey.” – Chang Shih


“I just would like you to know how lucky I feel to have you in my life. My life was in shambles and I was looking for help but didn’t know where to turn. That is when I learned that Martha had crystal bowls in her centre and I would stop by anytime I was in town and just sit in the room with them. I heard she had opened a store in Banff so on my next trip there I went to investigate and a bowl all but jumped off the shelf and into my life.  I then went to my first sound bath in Banff. I was hooked. I next enrolled in the Healing with the Power of Sound with Dr. Geoffrey Montague-Smith and was blown away. Geoffrey would say “It doesn’t matter was is happening or how it works –  just let the work do the work”. I was beginning to get out of my own way and allow healing to start on all levels. Profound! I booked a session with Martha and she helped me get my heart back to centre and helped me open the door to self love and respect. At this time the universe open the door for my second crystal bowl and the opportunity to go to more local sound baths. Things really began to shift rapidly with ease. I have since had the Amaryllis Centre do a Vitality Analysis which helped to identify where I could improve my nutrition and I also had a Thermometry Scan done with Jessica which gave a very useful overview of my health. All of these things have helped me gain control and power in my life.

Finally I want to comment on Martha’s new Crystal Bowl CD. I have listened to many sound healing CDs over the years but this one is by far the best. The sound is amazing. Her meditation with the bowls is transformational. This is wonderful resource if you cannot access the sound baths in person but want the benefits of them.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the care and love you put into everything you all do.

I look forward to working with you in the future.
Much gratitude and love,

Olivia Bates
Reiki Treatment

“I have only received one Reiki Healing from Olivia at this point but it was miraculous. I could feel her tranquil but powerful energy when I arrived.  Her energy is built on an oasis of love and she offers a sacred and trustworthy space to heal in.

While she was providing my healing, I was very aware of “other’s”, watching & assisting her. My visions were remarkable; feeling and seeing the “ones” that were supporting her.

Not only was there physical healing but also emotional mending.  Olivia provided me with a deeper understanding and uniqueness about myself.

I look forward to many more treatments from Olivia.  She is strong and committed & her dedication to healing is beyond belief.   Thank you Olivia,  for the healing you gave to my body, spirit and soul.

Light, love and peace,

Lois Unger”