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  • Dr. Geoffrey Montague-Smith – Healing Power of Sound
  • Ron Kochevar – Medicine Wheel Workshop
  • Linking Awareness Animal Communication 

Dr. Geoffrey Montague -Smith
The Healing Power of Sound

“Hi Martha, OMG!!! I recently attended your course “Healing With the Power of Sound” led by Dr. Geoffrey Montague-Smith. What a profound experience! Going in, I was expecting a basic course to help me understand how to apply the concepts of sound healing to my crystal bowls, but I was blown away by the amazing depth of knowledge presented! Geoffrey was a superb instructor, guiding me to realize the  potential for healing our physical bodies with sound. Not just a step by step “how-to”, but a true exploration of how our vibrations impact our illnesses.”


“Of all the courses that I have taken, the Healing Power of Sound tuning fork course that Dr. Geoffrey Montague-Smith puts on has got to be one of the most versatile and best presented. He blends humour with the science behind the techniques, making it easy to learn and understand. Case studies from his practice, as well as demonstrations on those taking the course help students learn the techniques and understand the healing power of sound. There is a lot of hands on training during the course, and the class size was small enough to ensure one on one attention. You are able to add this to your practice immediately after taking the course. As an RMT, CranioSacral Therapist and Certified Equine Massage Therapist, I have found this course to be extremely useful not only on my two-legged clients, but also on the four legged ones and strongly compliments the other modalities that I offer.”
Kathleen Mackay, RMT, CEMT
H & H Massage Therapy


“I’m so incredibly grateful I took the fundamentals course with Dr. Geoffrey—it changed my life. Dr. Geoffrey made the class fun, and exciting and provided a safe non-judgmental atmosphere for all the students to learn. And to top it off, I’ve started an amazing new career in “sound therapy”. Thank you Dr. Geoffrey! I’m now looking forward to the next one.”
Lori Donison
StillPoint EnerQi

Ron Kochevar
Medicine Wheel Workshop (March 2018)

“It was a sacred experience, in cyclical time, where stories and identities that no longer serve us were let go of and much, much more. Sarah attracted it!  Ron was easy to learn from in a supportive group environment!  Martha’s magical mountainous space anchored it!    I feel like I have been rewritten, rewired. I need to embody my future self now and practice, practice, practice.  I have the confidence to do it with the many tools I have walked away with. I would do this again in a heart beat!” ~ C.D.

Linking Awareness
Animal Communication 

“Is it possible to link awareness and truly communicate with other non-verbal beings? This workshop proved to me that not only is it possible, but by doing so you can open yourself up to profound insights and personal healing. What a difference could be made in this world if everyone who was even the least bit curious took a leap of faith, signed up for this course, and learned to link awareness with their animals and give them a voice. Thanks, Martha, for an incredible weekend.” – Valerie D (Feb 2014)